Tips & tricks

Safe internet banking: everyone's concern

All through the year, the financial institutions are taking measures aimed at fully ensuring the safety of internet banking transactions. When a case of fraud is detected, it often becomes clear that the customer’s PC is the weak link. Consequently, it is not only up to the financial institutions to take all safety measures necessary and to adopt a cautious attitude, but also up to you.


Here are some tips & tricks for a safe internet banking use!


Make sure your PC is sufficiently secured (for instance by installing an up-to-date version and a virus scanner or a secured WIFI connection).


If someone calls you up on behalf of your bank and asks you to provide personal data and/or to sign electronically, refrain from taking any action at all, for your bank will never ask you to provide this kind of information.


Put your electronic signature only for orders you expect or have initiated yourself.


In case of doubt, immediately abort the transaction and take contact with your bank, especially when the procedure for signing differs from the usual procedure. All banks have a help desk where you can find the answer to your questions about internet banking. Access to this help desk can be found on the bank’s website.


Check your statements of account at regular intervals.