How do fraudsters operate?

All of a sudden, you receive an e-mail or sms message which apparently has been sent by your bank or the issuer of your credit card. You are directed to a website which strongly resembles that of your own bank or that of the issuer of your credit card. On this website, you are asked to disclose, complete or check your personal data pertaining to your accounts and credit cards as well as your codes and, in some cases, to send your payment card, for ‘security reasons’and ‘file checking’, due to a ‘loss of data’ or for the purpose of ‘replacing your payment card’, etc.

In some cases, you will also be asked to mail your data directly to a particular person.

You may also receive a telephone call from the perpetrators of fraud, before or after they have sent you a phishing mail. They pretend to be bank employees and tell you that there are some problems with your bank account or credit card, asking you to disclose your data so as to be able to check if everything is all right, …