Skimming and card trapping

What is skimming?

Fraudsters use skimming to copy the data stored on the magnetic stripe of your bank card  (at the back of the card) when you put your card in a cash dispenser. They use an almost invisible device installed right in front of the card slot on the cash dispenser in order to copy the data without the customer being aware of this. At the same time, they try to see your secret code, for instance by making use of a minicamera or via shoulder surfing. The data that have been stolen, will be used for making a false card.

What is card trapping? 

Card trapping is a form of skimming. Fraudsters don't use card trapping to copy the card data, but to make sure your card is trapped in the cash dispenser. They will seize the opportunity of you leaving and looking for help to get hold of your card. Also in this case, they will try to see your secret code.