Bank card phishing

Fraudsters will use bank card phishing in order to get hold of a consumer’s bank card and PIN code. They will ask their victim, for example by means of an e-mail or sms, to replace his bank card.

He will be asked to send his bank card to a specific address and to type in his PIN code on a false website. As soon as they are in possession of the bank card and the PIN code, it will be easy for them to steal money.

Please keep in mind that no bank will ever ask to disclose the PIN code of your bank card. Nor will it ever ask you to send your bank card.

How do fraudsters operate?

They send an e-mail or sms message to inform you for instance that your bank card is no longer valid. They will give you a link so as to direct you to a false website, where you will be asked to

  • disclose your personal data, card number and PIN code;
  • to send your current bank card by mail.

What can you do?

  • Never answer e-mails and sms messages which look suspect and in which you are asked about your PIN code and bank card;
  • Should you be victim of these fraud techniques, you must get in touch with Card Stop (070 344 344) as soon as possible in order to have your bank card blocked and to inform your bank.