• 29 July 2013

    The number of internet banking fraud cases during the first half of this year amounted to 838 for a total amount of 2.7 million EUR. Phishing is the most frequently used method. At the beginning of July, Febelfin launched a YouTube video called ‘See how easily freaks can take over your life’ in which it draws the attention to the precautions for safe internet banking. Since then, almost 500,000 visitors have already watched this video.

  • 9 July 2013

    ‘Never share your financial data, not even by telephone. Be vigilant with personal information.’ This is the key message of the video ‘See how easily freaks can take over your life' Duval Guillaume Modem and Febelfin have been developing these last few months. The video is a sequel to the Mind Reader video, which recently has taken a Golden Lion award at the famous Cannes festival for publicity spots.